Partner Suppliers

who are our partner suppliers?

Manufacturers of products that are:

  • Natural
  • Innovative
  • High in quality standards
  • Efficient
  • FAMIQS or GMP+ certified
  • Are committed to the sustainable development values and goals
  • Would like to expand technical and/or marketing expertise on ANH
  • Have strong distribution network in markets where Nuproxa operates

Partner Suppliers

Chemoforma is a Swiss company, founded in 1961 to utilize and transform new natural substances for innovative and practical application in agricultural and aquaculture livestock. The company detains the technology to free nucleotides and balance them according to the specific requirements of each species.

French-based ID4Feed develops innovative feed supplements for farm animals based on plants and plant extracts since 2011. Several innovative technologies constitute the know-how of ID4Feed: plant stimulation or plant induction, plant extraction techniques and the protection of plant actives by encapsulation.

Founded in 1951, Indian Herbs Specialties Pvt. Ltd. is a global leader in the research and manufacturing of herbal products for ANH, being the first-of-its-kind ISO 9001:2008 certified. Indian Herbs was the pioneer in applying the traditional Indian medicine and nutrition (Ayurveda) to animals, developing very effective and safe herbal products.

Herbonis Animal Health GmbH is specialized in animal nutrition and was founded 2007 in Basel, Switzerland. Herbonis has developed the technology to standardize the content of 1,25(OH) 2 D 3 , the truly active form of vitamin D, naturally present in Solanum glaucophyllum, the active ingredient of Panbonis.

Since 1993, Patent Co., based in Serbia, is a global player in feed additives, focused on mycotoxicosis and gut health problems. Besides its high-performance and high-quality products, Patent Co’s massive knowledge and outstanding technical support to customers are strong competitive advantages.

what do we offer to our partner suppliers?

  • Commitment to our core values
  • Knowledge of the ANH market and its needs with outstanding reputation
  • Professional distribution network
  • High capacity to adapt to multicultural environments
  • Technical expertise on ANH and R&D capability to demonstrate product cost-efficiency
  • Marketing expertise to introduce new products/concepts, promote them and grow sales volumes

For questions regarding our products, contact us by e-mail or phone.