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High bioavailability

Cost-effectively replaces choline chloride

Stability and ease of handling in feed and premix

100% natural

Nuproxa Product

BioCholine ®
is complex and
synergistic, resulting
in greater performance


Animals under intensive production conditions require the dietary supplementation of choline, which is essential for various metabolic processes, such as the fat metabolism in the liver, and the synthesis of membrane components. The standard dietary supplement, choline chloride, has low bioavailability, and a significant part of it is converted to trimethylamine (TMA), which is toxic and may cause fishy odor in eggs. Further, due to its high hygroscopicity, choline chloride is difficult to handle, promoting the destruction of vitamins and pigments when added to premixes and feed.

BioCholine® / Natu-B4® is a 100% natural choline supplement designed to cost-effectively deliver higher animal productivity. It comprises a balanced blend of selected herbs, such as Azadirachta Indica and Trachyspermum ammi, that provide a matrix of active compounds (phosphatidylcholine, rutin, terpenoids, thymol, among others). For this reason, the mode of action of BioCholine® is complex and synergistic, resulting in greater performance. *Sold and distributed as Natu-B4 in Europe


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