PeptaSan - Gut microbiota balance and immune system response


BioCholine - Increased productivity in animal production


Panbonis - Improving eggs and bones in poultry


Ascogen - Solution for swine and poultry nutrition


OptiMethione and its benefits for animal nutrition


LivoLiv is a 100% natural liver modulator


C-Power and its benefits against heat stress in poultry and swine


Herbal-E and its benefits in animal production

Herbal E®

Minazel Plus and its benefits for animal nutrition

Minazel Plus®


100% natural

Full stability for pelleted and extruded diets

High bioavailability

Cost-effective vitamin C supplement for all species

Nuproxa Product

C-Power® is a 100% natural feed supplement of vitamin C to all species


Besides its role as antioxidant, vitamin C is important to many metabolic processes, including the recycling of vitamin E, biosynthesis of collagen, and a significant role in the functionality of the immune system.   Most farm animal species can endogenously synthetize enough vitamin C. However, that is not the case for the very young ones (chicks and newborn piglets, e.g.) and those under challenging conditions, such as heat stress and weaning. For fish and shrimp, vitamin C is an essential nutrient and must be supplied in the feed.

While regular vitamin C supplements are very unstable to heat and light, therefore, not suitable for pelletized or extruded feed, stabilized forms are very costly.   C-Power® is a 100% natural feed supplement of vitamin C to all species. It is composed of plants that contain vitamin C analogs (gallotannins), which are very stable and very effective, and other natural antioxidants. Such complex composition guarantees C-Power® sustained bioactivity.


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