PeptaSan - Gut microbiota balance and immune system response


BioCholine - Increased productivity in animal production


Panbonis - Improving eggs and bones in poultry


Ascogen - Solution for swine and poultry nutrition


OptiMethione and its benefits for animal nutrition


LivoLiv is a 100% natural liver modulator


C-Power and its benefits against heat stress in poultry and swine


Herbal-E and its benefits in animal production

Herbal E®

Minazel Plus and its benefits for animal nutrition

Minazel Plus®

Minazel Plus®

Quick mycotoxin Adsorption

Does not adsorb nutrients from feed

Effective in diverse conditions with the different animal species

Nuproxa Product

Once adsorbed to Minazel Plus®, mycotoxins are not desorbed through the intestinal tract


Prevention is the only solution to Mycotoxicosis! Mycotoxins are produced by various fungi species in the field (zearalenone, fumonisins, and ergot alkaloids, e.g.) and storage (aflatoxins and ochratoxins, e.g.).

Minazel Plus® were created by Patent Co. using innovative and unique technology. The product use leads to a broad range of action such as adsorption of all mycotoxins, polar and less polar in a very high percentage. Once adsorbed to Minazel Plus® , mycotoxins are not desorbed through the intestinal tract.

Since 1993, Patent Co., based in Mišićevo, Serbia, is a global player in feed additives, focused on mycotoxicosis and gut health problems

Nuproxa Switzerland Ltd employs a quality management system adapted to our supply chain, guaranteeing product quality and ensuring feed/food safety.

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