PeptaSan - Gut microbiota balance and immune system response


BioCholine - Increased productivity in animal production


Panbonis - Improving eggs and bones in poultry


Ascogen - Solution for swine and poultry nutrition


OptiMethione and its benefits for animal nutrition


LivoLiv is a 100% natural liver modulator


C-Power and its benefits against heat stress in poultry and swine


Herbal-E and its benefits in animal production

Herbal E®

Minazel Plus and its benefits for animal nutrition

Minazel Plus®


100% natural

Methionine recycler

Better performance


Nuproxa Product

improved performance, improved immunity and antioxidant status


OptiMethione® is intended for partial substitution of synthetic methionine. It allows the reduction of feeding costs, while offering superior productive performance. It is an effective agent against heat stress and has no restrictions for organic farming.   It is composed of plants, such as Trigonella foenum-graecum and Allium sativum, dried and grinded (no extraction process), with natural stability.

Optimethione® contains an array of active compounds, such as L-methionine and S-adenosylmethionine (SAM), which result in a complex mode of action and amplified effects – improved performance, enhanced immunity and antioxidant status. It optimizes the use of methionine through improved methylation of homocysteine that allows the recycling of methionine.


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