PeptaSan - Gut microbiota balance and immune system response


BioCholine - Increased productivity in animal production


Panbonis - Improving eggs and bones in poultry


Ascogen - Solution for swine and poultry nutrition


OptiMethione and its benefits for animal nutrition


LivoLiv is a 100% natural liver modulator


C-Power and its benefits against heat stress in poultry and swine


Herbal-E and its benefits in animal production

Herbal E®

Minazel Plus and its benefits for animal nutrition

Minazel Plus®


Very cost-effective

100% natural

Truly active form of vitamin D

Reduces mortality and sustains laying for longer period

Improves eggshell quality

Nuproxa Product

is a 100% natural


Maintaining the egg quality and the persistency of lay after the production peak in longer cycles are among the main challenges of today’s egg production.   As the laying hen grows old, its capacity of absorbing calcium in the gut and mobilizing it from the bones is greatly reduced. Negative impacts of the reduced calcium retention in egg productivity include higher incidence of thin-shelled/damaged eggs and shell-less eggs. Besides, mortality rate is also increased, as a result of cage layer fatigue

(osteoporosis) and chronic stress that leads to immunodepression.   Panbonis® is a 100% natural supplement that provides 1,25(OH)2D3, the active form of vitamin D that is readily available to increase the intestinal absorption and bone mobilization of calcium. When supplemented with Panbonis®, laying hens sustain laying for a longer period, with increased eggshell quality (more sellable eggs) and reduced mortality.


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Herbonis Animal Health GmbH is specialized in animal nutrition and was founded 2007 in Basel, Switzerland, as a subsidiary of Herbonis AG.

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