Nuproxa Switzerland is a Swiss company founded in 2007, supplying high-quality solutions to the Animal Nutrition and Health Industry.


Our products are:

  • Based on technology created by nature, unquestionably safe.
  • Effective, with results that are demonstrated by scientific experiments, and verified at field level under real conditions
  • Produced by reliable and accountable manufacturers
  • Applicable to efficiently solve real problems faced by the ANH industry


Be the preferred supplier of animal nutrition and health solutions, recognized for our innovative, science driven and sustainable approach for the benefit of animal welfare, our customers and the society.


Our mission is to deliver for the animal production industry the most cost-effective natural nutritional and health solutions.

Our Team

“Nuproxa’s key driver is our commitment to add value to our customers”

Mathias M. Huber CEO

“We focus on understanding more precisely the interactions between plant actives and animal physiology to ensure health and performance, naturally”

Jean François Le Roux Director R&D

“We are passionate about assisting our customers to raise animals in a healthy, safe and cost-effective manner, with ingredients and additives developed and tested by nature”

Homero Borin Technical & Marketing Director


Quality and safety for our customers and distributors are among our top priorities. To ensure this level of excellence, Nuproxa only works with suppliers that are committed to quality and feed/food safety, being rigorously selected based on their reputation, track-record, and quality certifications. Nuproxa maintains a supplier verification program based on second-party audits performed by trained personnel and based on GMP+, HACCP and ISO 22000 requirements.

Nuproxa’s Quality Management System (QMS) is established in Switzerland, strategically structured to oversee our global supply chain. Our QMS is audited and verified periodically by an independent Certification Body that attests compliance with the norms and standards of the GMP+ certification scheme, as well as with the laws and regulations of each country of operation.