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Herbal formula, source of choline and it’s effect on the apparent metabolisable energy of broiler chicken’s diets


Iglesias BF 1 , Azcona JO 1 , Charrière MV 1 , Cabrera AM 1 , Fain Binda V 1 , Paolella M 2 , Borin...

Improving production efficiency by controlling protozoa via herbal blend


By: Ray Jones & Sandra Olivera.   The continuous improvement of production efficiency in industrial poultry farming still remains an element that is likely to be...

Importance of the use of liver protectors in the production output of broilers


By: Sandra Olivera and Alfred Blanch.   The liver is the organ performing the largest number of vital functions indispensable for the animal organism, most notably...

Supplementation with natural choline: Myth or Reality?


By: Hamilton Ida y Sandra Olivera.   Choline is well known for its nutritional advantages since the 30’s and its supplementation in animal diets is very...

Natural polyherbal sources for Supplementing Vitamin E in Animal Nutrition


By: Ray Jones, Marcelo Paolella and Hamilton Ida.   Nearly 100 years after its discovery in 1922, is practically consensual that supplementing with Vitamin E is...